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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

A Room With A Loo At The Club Underground

What a fun time at the Club Underground tonight.  DJ Fluffy played some wonderful tunes and the place was rocking!  It was a club of convenience too, for some reason there was a loo right in the middle of the dance floor.  Yes an actual toilet pan, so no one had the excuse of having to leave the room to spend a penny!  I suspect it belonged to Shaun Slingshot though, he kept trying to set a record by diving into the loo headfirst to cause a splash, but he kept missing it and banged his head on the dance floor a number of times, as did Seany, who ended up sitting on it for a rest.  Finally Shaun did succeed, I just hope he didn't drink the water as he landed. You can be sure to have a good time with Seany and Fluffy at the Club Underground. They are open for business tomorrow (Wednesday) with dj Twoey from noon till 2pm, dj Shaun from 2 till 4pm and dj Sean from 5 to 7pm (SLT).

Janey Bracken


Shaun Slingshot said...

I didn't drink the toilet water, but I fear it may have gone up my nose lol

Janey Bracken said...

Oh dear! not a good way to clear your sinuses Lol