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Saturday, 28 January 2017

DJ TXBarbara Bailey's Debut at Zorro's

I've known TXBarbara Bailey virtually since I joined Second Life and she's a fantastic dj.  Well tonight Barb was making her debut at Zorro's Tavern, she will be doing some regular slots there now and it was a really nice night.  We talked about all things London in SL this evening, those early days when we all first met in the London sims and the days of the Underground Club. It seems like a lifetime away now, but it was 2007 when I first ventured into virtual Knightsbridge and we all have so many fond memories of the people from all around the world who we met and made friends with there. Barb played some of the hits that were around in the Underground Club days and it was magical comparing our stories of when we were newbies to Second Life. Great debut Barb! 

Janey Bracken

Friday, 27 January 2017

Talking About Shoes...... Yes It Was Clothes And Shoes Chat At Zorro's Tonight.

The chat tonight at Zorro's Tavern led to clothes and  shoes in Second Life and how some shops are really expensive and some are lower prices, but still great quality.  I'm hooked on shoes by KC Couture. The shoes are amazing designs and you get a colour change hud with each pair, so you can match any outfit you have on.  The detail in the shoes and boots is amazing, little studs and chains that you can also change to choose which metal you like. I joined the group and they have loads of bargains with new designs, so it's affordable to everyone. DJ Janis played some groovy tunes tonight at Zorro's and the evening was fun. The crowd at Zorro's always look smart and trendy and you can tell they are expert SL shoppers!

Janey Bracken

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Burns Night 2017 At Zorro's Tavern

It was Burn's Night tonight and I nipped over to Zorro's Tavern as DJ Brain was playing some great Scottish flavoured tunes in honour of Robert Burns.  Tartan was the pick of the night with some great kilts worn by the clubbers swinging in time to the music! Burns night is always a favourite in the Second Life clubs and pubs. Burns made his mark as the famous author of many Scottish poems.  People celebrate his life by holding a Burns supper which traditionally includes haggis and fine Scotch whiskey.  Zorro's club hostess Fibi just happened to have haggis and chips in her inventory, so she served us all with our supper, shame it was virtual!  Great night at Zorro's Tavern, thanks to owner Rob, dj Brain and hostess Fibi!

Janey Bracken

Monday, 23 January 2017

Twist and Shout and Trivia at the HangOut

We had Twist and Shout and smooth 50s and 60s ballads at the HangOut Club tonight, I could almost smell the Expresso coffee and waffles with maple syrup as I danced on the black and white tiled floor.  Dj/Owner Janis Short had created another amazing scene of an American 1950s Diner in the club.  She played a great set of tunes whilst people played trivia.  I'm always amazed at how quickly the clubbers answer the trivia. I'm usually only half way through reading the question when someone has already read it and typed in the answer!  Not that I know most the answers anyway. There are some clever people in SL.  

Janey Bracken