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Friday, 23 December 2016

Wonderful Time At the Designing Worlds' Christmas Ball

I had an invitation to the Designing Worlds' Christmas Ball at the Garden of Dreams a few days ago from Elrik, Saffia, Aisling and Wildstar of Designing Worlds. Saffia (Saffia Widdershins) is the owner of Prim Perfect the legendary Homes and Gardens Magazine and she is also a Presenter of  the Treet.TV show Designing Worlds.  I knew that the Ball would be a very grand and lovely occasion and I wasn't disappointed!  Tonight I put on my Ball gown and headed over to the Garden of Dreams. The elegant Ballroom had a massive Christmas tree adorning the room, it was magical indeed.  Just as you'd expect, there were some amazing dresses and outfits worn by the guests. It's not every day you get a Polar Bear and a Unicorn at a party, but they were there tonight! Only in SL! There was also a fantastic group of Tinies, little cats, dogs and other animal avatars dressed to the nines in their Christmas costumes, so sweet!   The Music was supplied by Elrik Merlin and he did a great job all through the evening with a mixture of traditional Christmas party tunes, plus some unusual musical pieces and older classics too. A really good mix for such an event.  The Ballroom was lively with chatter and people dancing and more and more people dropped in throughout the evening.  I had a really good time, thank you for the invitation Saffia and friends!  I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2017.

Janey Bracken

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