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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Very Smart Clubbers At The HangOut For A 1960's Party

What a smart lot of clubbers in the HangOut tonight, it was a 60's theme and icons Twiggy, David Bailey and Jean Shrimpton had nothing on tonight's hip crowd. There were amazing op art mini dresses worn by HangOut owner Janis and clubbers Shae, Minxy, Poppy and Ciara, very arty indeed!  Rob had a smart military outfit, as did Peroni in his open military shirt, real Carnaby Street stuff!  Brain looked very handsome in his timeless kilt and Thea and Csar had mini skirts plus 60s frills, I loved Csar's Afro hair!  Ed looked every inch a Beatle with his sharp suit and Ringo Starr style beard, very good looking, and Jude and Yorkie looked very much like a couple straight out of the tv show The Avengers, Jude with her empire line mini dress and Yorkie with his pinstriped jacket and jeans. Anna wore a very pretty sweetheart dress in white with a black and red geometric design. Purps wore a trendy knitted grey mini dress with a purple belt and over the knee boots to match.  Hibiscus looked stylish in her two tone top and jeans. Another smart couple were Kate and Shawn, Kate wearing a pencil skirted dress in green and white and Shawn wore a tweed jacket, crew necked jumper and dark red trousers. We had a touch of Christmas too with some seasonal knits worn by Berni, Slate and Sorrell. Alana looked great in her leather jacket and hotpants. People go to a lot of trouble for the themes and it's great fun seeing what everyone turns up in, they never disappoint!  Yet again another fabulous night at the HangOut with Janis playing some brilliant 60s music.  I'm not sure what next week's theme will be just yet, but I'll let you know.

Janey Bracken

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