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Monday, 12 December 2016

Great Night At Muddy's Music Cafe, Even With A Couple of Griefers Pushing Their Luck - DJ Barb Pushed Them Instead!

DJ TXBarbara Bailey

I travelled over to the fantastic Muddy's Music Cafe tonight, I knew my friend TXBarbara Bailey would be dj'ing and Barb always plays some awesome music.  Muddy's looked very festive and was crowded as usual.  I waited for everything to rez before I entered the dance floor and had a lovely greeting from Barb and Muddy's hostess Nyx Feiri. There is always a really friendly crowd at Muddy's.  One little newbie kept calling out "Can someone ask me to dance?" and it wasn't long before a handsome avatar asked her over and showed her how to dance with him.  Of course where there are large groups of people you will always get the odd griefer dropping by and tonight I spotted a couple of them as soon as I walked in. Two avatars sat on the dance floor trying to call attention to themselves and when that didn't work they started to make daft comments to everyone; They  eventually  went around the dance floor barging into the dancers.  The clubbers were very kind, they talked to them and tried to say just enjoy yourselves, but of course, like a lot of griefers they just wanted to be a nuisance and got thrown out and banned in the end.  I guess most griefers are newbies, but of course some aren't and just create an alternative avatar to cause trouble.  I suspect most newbie griefers, once settled into SL, go on to be good virtual citizens in a few months, once they let people make friends with them.  Griefing is all part of the game, and Muddy's are well used to handling griefers, so they didn't spoil anyone's fun.  I had a fabulous evening and Barb's music is just spot on for a brilliant night out in SL.

Janey Bracken
Muddy's Hostess Nyx Feiri

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