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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Ed's Christmas Wonderland

The Three Amigos, Hibiscus Hastings, Ed Follet and I,  were back together tonight having fun!  Ed invited Hib and me over to see his Christmas sim and it looks great.  He has a large ice-rink where you can ice skate in line at top speed! A Helta Skelta you can whiz down and a beautiful carousal, all of which Ed created himself.  There is also an Advent Calendar for a lovely Christmas gift you can pick up each day. Ed is very interested in aviation and he has built an aeroplane based on the one flown by lady pilot Harriet Quimby, of whom he is doing a story about in the sim.  Harriet, a movie-screen writer, was the first woman to obtain a pilots licence in the USA, so she's a good subject to read about.  We stood for photos under Ed's Christmas tree and it's a nice start to Christmas 2016, go over and  have fun at Ed's place, you don't even need ice skates, just click on the animation ball in the centre of the rink and be careful you don't fall over!

Janey Bracken

Ed's Lunar Landing Module built by him

Ed's model of the Bleriot


Ed Follet said...

Thanks for visiting Janey and Hibiscus :-)) Harriet Quimbey was first and foremost a popular and respected journalist who wrote articles for Leslie's illustrated Weekly. While she did not call herself a feminist her writing often reflected her support for women'rights and independence, at this time it would still be nine years before all women in the US got the vote. Sadly Harriet died in a flying accident just 3 months after cross channel flight.

Janey Bracken said...

Thanks for the invite Ed, loved your place! Harriet sounds like a remarkable woman, a real pioneer, it's great that you are telling her story, we don't hear enough about the real people who changed the future as they fought against all the odds. :))