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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Christmas Arrives At Zorro's Tavern

Christmas has officially arrived at Zorro's Tavern and it looks really lovely.  Owner Rob Fenwitch had a Christmas party there tonight so I went over to have some fun.   After I teleported to the tavern I landed in the harbour area and there was a beautiful Tudor building with an arch that led through to an ice rink.  Just the thing for future parties.  Just beyond the ice rink was Zorro's Tavern itself and I opened the large oak doors and entered the spacious bar. Rob had done a great job with the decorations and there was a new luxurious red carpet on the dance floor.  DJ Minxy was playing a nice mixture of hits and the atmosphere was relaxed as everyone chatted.  I had downloaded the new version of Firestorm tonight so I hoped that I wouldn't crash, but all seemed well. Regretfully I missed Nahi, who did crash and when Gloria arrived she hadn't rezzed for me, so apologies to Nahi and Glo for not having any pictures of them on here tonight. 

Janey Bracken

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