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Monday, 12 December 2016

70s Glam At The HangOut Tonight

We'd had the 60's with its Beatles and Rolling Stones early years. However, those cuban heeled chisel toed boots, sharp suits and op-art dresses with asymmetric hairstyles on the wafer thin models had begun to fade by the coming of the 1970's.  The look turned to more glam, the Farrah Fawcett flicked out curls and the still long but more styled and not so 'mop head' men's hair do's, with even masculine cosmetics becoming fashionably the norm for some guys.  Platform shoes for both men and women made a big impact in the 70's, Elton John's massively tall platform boots he wore in the film Tommy, when he sang Pinball Wizard, made him an icon for that era!  The wide flared jeans had really taken off, some touching the ground, completely covering the platform shoes. It was only when I went to the HangOut Club tonight that I saw 'hot pants' too, a name penned for the short shorts worn by  the trendy people on those 1970s warm summer days.    Janis Short, owner of the HangOut, had decided on a 70s theme and it was loved by the clubbers, not only could they dress to impress, the tunes were magic from that period as well, everyone had a fantastic time.  The club looked really nice too, Janis had put a lot into reviving the 70s glitz and it dazzled.  

Janey Bracken

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