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Friday, 11 November 2016

Time To Lay Aggression And Grievances Aside, Give The Future A Chance....

Travelling around Second Life and listening to people talking about the political events over the last week, I could see how happy some people are and how sad others are about the USA election results.  The planet is changing, the systems that were in place are altering and we all have to be united to make sure we have a positive future. By now most people must have realised that things haven't been right, that the world is never without conflict and wars, plus more and more austerity is the only reward for ordinary hard working people.  So no matter what the results of the election, we really need to pull together to make sure that everything is transparent and for the good of the people on the planet; So we must work in harmony without aggression and without fear. We had riots on the streets after Brexit in the UK and most of the violence is caused by agent provocateurs who are there purely for trouble and to make any peaceful demonstration into an act of deliberate disorder. Don't be part of it, walk away, we do not need the excuse to introduce military control into our towns and cities. Divide and conquer is being played yet again and the main media are guilty of sensationalism to stoke the fires of unrest. The economy may be  manipulated on purpose to take a dive, there is much going on behind he scenes from some quarters to try to make this a rough ride, but we have to be strong. Remember the government are there to serve you and we must treat this as a new chance to put things right for everyone.  So let's just see how all this evolves from here onwards, give it a chance, listen to your friends concerns and tell them yours, but stay friendly and work together, stay united no matter who you supported politically; Our lives, our future, without negativity anything is possible...........  

No more wars, See

Janey Bracken

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