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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

In Remembrance Of Our Veterans Of War At The HangOut

We danced on a field of poppies tonight at the HangOut Club. Owner/dj Janis Short had a special event in remembrance of our veterans of war. She ask people to either wear a poppy or a uniform and she played a mixture of great songs from WW1 to the present time.  One song sticks in my mind Edwin Starr's 'War' (what is it good for? absolutely nothing). We have so much to thank all those people in the Forces for, those who died in the dreadful theatre of war, those who were injured and those who served, but were not injured, we should never forget them. We must honour their memories to make sure that no foreign regimes will ever succeed in destroying sovereign nations for greed, power, Empire building and tyranny, no matter what the process, be it by guns or political means. Now also is the time to stop unnecessary wars which are created purely to make money and illegally occupy other lands, there are no acceptable excuses for killing millions of innocent people or sending our troops into unjustifiable conflict. The tide is turning, people are demanding peace and united we will make it happen. 

Janey Bracken

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