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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Beautiful Mesh Clothes At Evie's Closet

Trying on a Demo at Evie's Closet

I have lots of older non-mesh clothes in my inventory that I simply can't wear now, unless I take off my mesh avatar body.  Many of the SL designers have successfully made the transition to creating mesh clothing from the original basic system clothes with prim attachments for skirts etc and the later sculpted prim outfits.  How wonderful the designers are, they have to keep up with the latest digital technology and they must work very hard to learn new techniques.  I'd long been a fan of  designer Evangeline Miles, owner of SL fashion house Evie's Closet.  I'd first seen Evangeline's designs at one of the SL London Fashion Week shows a few years ago and since then I'd bought many of her beautiful gowns. Evie's Closet is all about fantasy, she has a whole range of romantic Medieval, 17th Century gowns and pretty Fairy outfits, plus there are gorgeous ball gowns and peasant dresses.  The beauty is in the detail, the luscious textures and the lifelike flow of the materials. I hadn't been over to Evie's Closet for a little while since buying my mesh body and found that my old landmark no longer worked.  Looking at Evangeline's  profile, luckily I found her store again and went over to have a look. To my delight Evie's Closet has mesh designs and I had lots of fun trying on some of the Demos, I'm so pleased I found the new landmark, now I have to resist the temptation of buying all of the lovely outfits!!  

Janey Bracken

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