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Monday, 3 October 2016

The Brave Program - A Fantastic Show About Our Evolution

When I logged into Second Life last week I had a nice surprise, an invitation from Medora Chevalier to the launch day of the LEA29 The Brave Colab Evolution Sim for her new show called 'The Brave Program' (The Brave - Inspiration - Deep Ecology adapted by Medora Chevalier from Joanna Macey  Medora gave the audience the unique  opportunity to actually be part of the performance  by joining in with the dance courtesy of Sky Fire & The Imaginals as they performed their beautifully choreographed act to an inspired and hauntingly atmospheric original music score.  The theme of the show was 'greening' oneself to adapt to the changes the planet is going through and to evolve into the brave new world that is transcending present day living. The evolution taking us from the toxic cities back to nature and spirituality.  From the impressive dance in the first act to the invitation to the audience to follow the troupe up the pathway of the high mountain just behind them, to watch  a magnificent  particle display at the top, it was a magical experience.  I think the particle displays and the costumes may be the best I have seen in SL so far. Skies full of birds, flowers, stars, animals, colourful swirls of sparkling colour were complimented by the dancers dressed as angels with flowing gossamer wings.

All in all it was a delightful show with the message that we are one with the planet, something I actually found to be true a little while ago. My own evaluation? We need to look after each other and every single thing on this living breathing planet.  We are evolving, but we are in the middle of a spiritual war of literally good against evil and like Medora says, we have to be brave in these times of change.

The Earth, our Gaia, is being abused by weapons, fake wars, geo-engineering, fracking, the deliberate poisoning of the oceans, the lakes the rivers, the land. World-wide Corruption, genetic engineering and weaponised technology that should be used instead for the benefit of the peoples of the planet.  The people who hurt us will eventually only hurt themselves with the karma they carry.  So yes, a time to be brave, a time to be strong and a time to say "No more!"

Janey Bracken
(Please see the cast list below the pictures and for further events contact Rage Darkstone, TerraMayhem, Igor Ballyhoo or RealityStalker)





junivers Stockholm with lyrics by junivers and Medora Chevalier

Medora Chevalier

Lexi Marshdevil
Particle Tom

zimp Rexie

JenniferMay Carlucci
Medora Chevalier
Klark Harvey
Angelique Menoptra
Zimp Rexie
Southern Riptide
Alazi Sautereau
Falkon Wickentower

STREAMING: Alazi Sautereau

Delain Canucci - Color Alchemists
Mario Helstein - M2D
Phoenix - Nix Club
Venus - Illusions
Particle Tom & Lexi Marshdevil - Sky Fire

COSTUME WISPY TRAIL WINGS used with permission by Vitani Jun


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Hibiscus said...

Wow, that looks amazing! I'm sorry I didn't get to see it, thanks for posting this Janey, it must have been a beautiful and meaningful event to attend. Fantastic pictures, too.