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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Miss W Tells of Real Life Situation in Venezuela

 The situation is becoming dire in Venezuela and the world should know what is happening. Miss W (Alejandra Jumanya) of Wetherby's Fashion House in Second Life has brought us an update of her real life circumstances in Venezuela.  She tells us "I haven't been online much, this is what's going on here: The government formally suspended the referendum process, postponed local and gubernatorial elections, and banned eight senior opposition leaders from leaving the country.  On Sunday, the congress issued a declaration saying Maduro had staged a coup. That is accurate.  We are living under a Dictatorship. Tomorrow we are having Big protests all around the country.  Internet was down most of the weekend. I am trying to come (into SL) as much as I can."

I asked Miss W how difficult it is to buy food and other essentials, her story is frightening, she told me  "I was in line about 12 hours last Saturday... yesterday I found a relatively short line to buy rice, and this teenage girl wanted to buy rice, but by law she can't... so she got into a fight with the guard, and she cut the guard's face with a knife, then her bf came and punched another guard, they were stealing rice too, the national guard came wtih their guns pointing at us in line too, in case we wanted to start a riot or loot... so... that's normal for us, to buy half a pound of rice... Luckily for me, I have SL... so with SL money I can buy 2 packages a year of food and other things at Walmart and ship them to myself here... but still..."

Miss W continued "Inflation is... sureal, things cost 100, 200, 300% more each time you buy them..."

Please show Miss W your support by keeping her sales going in SL, every penny counts. Miss W had also been collecting money for local people.  You can visit her store in SL Market Place at  Please help out here, she is a fabulous designer so tell your friends as well to shop at Wetherby's.

Janey Bracken

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