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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Orwell's 1984 At The HangOut Tomorrow

The truth is out there! It will be a very different night at the HangOut Club tomorrow (Monday 10th October).  The theme for the evening is Big Brother is watching you!  DJ/HangOut owner, Janis Short says:

1-3 P.M. ORWELL'S 1984
"Beware the savage roar of 1984 -'Monday at the HangOut the Truth Police will be out in force ... DJ Janis will be playing tunes about lies, truth, watching you, watching me, talking, silence and all sorts of cool stuff ... wear your overalls ..  it's gonna be a cool party !"

Escape the Matrix and head over to the HangOut tomorrow, see you there!

Janey Bracken

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