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Monday, 31 October 2016

Magical Halloween Party at Zorro's Tavern

Zorro's Tavern was eerily sinister tonight, with  a swirling green mist rolling through the petrified trees. The tombstones glistened in the moonlight as two skeletons, Hyde and Zeep, guarded the graveyard, swaying in time to the hypnotic music.  It was hard to focus in the beginning, but as the mist cleared the creatures of the night came into view, Zila the Princess of darkness danced next to dj Ciara, a darkly beautiful winged fairy.  Neko Hazel cast her spells over the event, her white cat tail swishing through the air.  Warlock Ed, a hooded figure of mystery, danced with mischievous witch Bernie, canny fox Rob wore his top hat of skulls as he waved his magic walking cane around his head.  In the centre of the clearing there stood a colourful toad called Silvanus, luckily his skin being too toxic to make him a tasty meal, as menacingly a gigantic winged insect called Wyld hovered just a few feet above his head.  A tiny dark fairy called Rosie danced around the toad, moving swiftly out of the way of Wyld's mandibles and Sylvanus's quick sticky tongue. Prince of the night Brain danced with the pale skinned witch Minxy, they both looked hungry for a warm glass of blood to put the colour back in their cheeks. Dancing and watching from the shadows was the evil witch Janey, taking notes and photographs to report back to the owner of the graveyard should the fairy folk misbehave!   Luckily everyone enjoyed the evening so much, not one bad spell was cast and as daylight approached, the creatures of the night made good their escape back into the underworld from whence they came.

Janey Bracken


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