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Friday, 21 October 2016

Get Ready To Celebrate Gloria And Janis's Rez Day Celebrations At The HangOut On Monday

There is a fabulous event planned for Monday at the HangOut Club, double Rez Day celebrations as Gloria and Janis have a joint Rez Day Party.  The theme for the evening will be Rocking Chair Rockers, so dig out those Rock Star clothes that may be a bit tight now and get ready for a night to remember.  HangOut Owner Janis says:

"A Rezday party Monday 1-3 pm (SLT) - DJ Janis will be celebrating 9th rezday - Gloria Sempati will be celebrating her 10th rezday ... the theme is "Rocking Chair Rockers" rock stars over 65 still going strong - please join us then."

Janey Bracken

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