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Monday, 31 October 2016

Magical Halloween Party at Zorro's Tavern

Zorro's Tavern was eerily sinister tonight, with  a swirling green mist rolling through the petrified trees. The tombstones glistened in the moonlight as two skeletons, Hyde and Zeep, guarded the graveyard, swaying in time to the hypnotic music.  It was hard to focus in the beginning, but as the mist cleared the creatures of the night came into view, Zila the Princess of darkness danced next to dj Ciara, a darkly beautiful winged fairy.  Neko Hazel cast her spells over the event, her white cat tail swishing through the air.  Warlock Ed, a hooded figure of mystery, danced with mischievous witch Bernie, canny fox Rob wore his top hat of skulls as he waved his magic walking cane around his head.  In the centre of the clearing there stood a colourful toad called Silvanus, luckily his skin being too toxic to make him a tasty meal, as menacingly a gigantic winged insect called Wyld hovered just a few feet above his head.  A tiny dark fairy called Rosie danced around the toad, moving swiftly out of the way of Wyld's mandibles and Sylvanus's quick sticky tongue. Prince of the night Brain danced with the pale skinned witch Minxy, they both looked hungry for a warm glass of blood to put the colour back in their cheeks. Dancing and watching from the shadows was the evil witch Janey, taking notes and photographs to report back to the owner of the graveyard should the fairy folk misbehave!   Luckily everyone enjoyed the evening so much, not one bad spell was cast and as daylight approached, the creatures of the night made good their escape back into the underworld from whence they came.

Janey Bracken


Sunday, 30 October 2016

Halloween Party At The HangOut Club Tomorrow

There's a Halloween Party at the HangOut tomorrow from 1-3pm (SLT).  Dress your spookily best and join owner/dj Janis Short for a great time. For people in the UK, don't forget that we set our clocks back an hour, so take note of the time difference with SL.  See you there!

Janey Bracken

Look Around The Inside Of A Giant Laptop In SL

Looking through the Destination Guide in Second Life this morning, I noticed quite an unusual sim so I went over to have a look.  It's called 'Laptop on RanDom' and when you teleport over there you find a giant laptop computer in front of you.  Walking to the large keyboard I found the Enter Key on the right, clicked it and I was instantly teleported inside the laptop, landing among the working parts. There are yellow mats at each section that indicate doors to take you inside the various components.  There is also a Sedgway type vehicle you can hop on to tour the motherboard, which is good fun.  You can stop the Sedgway any time and jump off to explore by foot.  What a great idea, I've always been fascinated by computers and the way they work, though I'm no expert at it, at all. 

A while ago I went to one of the SL Science Circle lectures where we heard all about the new extremely powerful computers being used by scientists today and to be honest they make our binary computers look like an abacus. Binary computers have a limit, because they can only be as powerful as to how many transistors they can cram onto a processor. Whereas Quantum computers are a totally new way of processing altogether and it appears that the amount of data they can process all at once may be entirely without limits. There might be a day when Quantum computers will be sold to the public, just as binary systems are now, but I can't see it happening in the near future. There is no doubt about it, I have a job to get my head around Quantum science, but the way it works is just very intriguing! Have a look at the videos below for info about Quantum computers and go over and visit the Laptop on RanDom next time you log into SL.

Janey Bracken

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Happy 9th Rez Day Janis

Wishing Janis Short, dj and owner of the HangOut Club a very Happy 9th Rez Day today!!  Hope you have a great time Janis!

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Miss W Tells of Real Life Situation in Venezuela

 The situation is becoming dire in Venezuela and the world should know what is happening. Miss W (Alejandra Jumanya) of Wetherby's Fashion House in Second Life has brought us an update of her real life circumstances in Venezuela.  She tells us "I haven't been online much, this is what's going on here: The government formally suspended the referendum process, postponed local and gubernatorial elections, and banned eight senior opposition leaders from leaving the country.  On Sunday, the congress issued a declaration saying Maduro had staged a coup. That is accurate.  We are living under a Dictatorship. Tomorrow we are having Big protests all around the country.  Internet was down most of the weekend. I am trying to come (into SL) as much as I can."

I asked Miss W how difficult it is to buy food and other essentials, her story is frightening, she told me  "I was in line about 12 hours last Saturday... yesterday I found a relatively short line to buy rice, and this teenage girl wanted to buy rice, but by law she can't... so she got into a fight with the guard, and she cut the guard's face with a knife, then her bf came and punched another guard, they were stealing rice too, the national guard came wtih their guns pointing at us in line too, in case we wanted to start a riot or loot... so... that's normal for us, to buy half a pound of rice... Luckily for me, I have SL... so with SL money I can buy 2 packages a year of food and other things at Walmart and ship them to myself here... but still..."

Miss W continued "Inflation is... sureal, things cost 100, 200, 300% more each time you buy them..."

Please show Miss W your support by keeping her sales going in SL, every penny counts. Miss W had also been collecting money for local people.  You can visit her store in SL Market Place at  Please help out here, she is a fabulous designer so tell your friends as well to shop at Wetherby's.

Janey Bracken

What A Night At The HangOut, Old Rockers Hit The Town To Celebrate Gloria and Janis's Rez Days

Happy 10th Rez Day Gloria

Happy 9th Rez Day For Thursday Janis

It must be pretty tough for rock stars to get old, especially when they are still working and can't fade into the sunset when they reach retirement age.  Some of them don't seem to realise that they are getting a bit past it. Take Madonna, 58, who only this week offered sexual favours to anyone who votes for Clinton; Someone please make Madge a nice cup of Cocoa and tell her to put her feet up with a good book instead!  Then you have Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood who has recently become a father again at the age of 68! Rod Stewart, 71, has just been knighted by the Queen and Bob Dylan, 75, has just been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Cher, 70 (gawd 70!!), is performing yet another farewell show, last time? I doubt it. There is no stopping these ageing rockers! What energy these people still have.

So in honour of these senior citizen rock stars, dj/HangOut owner Janis Short had a special joint Rez Day Party with Gloria Sempati tonight with Rocking Chair Rockers as the theme. Janis took us down a fabulous memory lane of magical hit songs from the past whose artists are all over 65 years old. The HangOut was full of rock star avatars strutting their stuff and Csar even brought her electric guitar to play a few riffs throughout the evening.  Phil Collins was there I heard, or it might have been someone else, Ed's av looked a little bit too old for Mr Collins and he had a sort of punk haircut! Not to wear Phil Collins out, Ed changed into Prince Charles complete with a kilt and a crown and then into Groucho Marx with a guitar! I danced with Shae who had a cute little bunny rabit avatar, I guess White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane would have been appropriate as Grace Slick must be getting older. 

It was Gloria's Rez Day today and Janis's Rez Day is on Thursday.  Happy  Rez Day Gloria, I hope you had a lovely time.  Janis will be celebrating her Rez Day again on the actual day, so we can look forward to some more Rez Day fun.  It was a terrific night at the HangOut, everyone had a brilliant time.

Janey Bracken

PS Regretfully there was news today about the deaths of singers Pete Burns and Bobby Vee. My condolences to their friends and families at this sad time.