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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Teachers And School Kids Back To School Party

All those poor little kids and bigger kids are going back to school now the summer holidays are over!  I used to hate school, I must admit; My London school was a mixture of rough kids and swats and some in the middle, which I guess I was one. Me and my best friend used to sit at the back of the class having a laugh.  A scruffy pair of kids, our pleated skirts never kept their pleats for long and our royal blue school uniform jumpers had worn thin at the elbows, our shirtsleeves frayed and my white knee length socks never stayed white and never seemed to stay up, creasing around my ankles, drawing attention to my scuffed flat shoes.  Then there was the school tie, why did we have to wear a tie?  And I won't mention the blue berets that we were supposed to wear outside school on trips we went on.  Yes our class would travel by London underground to whatever school outing we were on to some London Museum or historical site. We'd dodge the teachers and get in the next train carriage if we could. If we saw the posher school kids from the Grammar Schools on the trains they'd be a bit worried about us as we must have looked like a right load of urchins. School dinners were quite good when I think back on it, but I never appreciated it at the time, I'd try to shove half the contents into the bin without getting caught by the dinner monitor.  One day I got caught and was told that I must eat it as half the people in Africa were starving.  I could never understand why my eating it helped them, but never mind, I was a kid and I was not into the world's economy at that time! 

I went over to the HangOut Club tonight for the Back to School Party and I got my nice SL school uniform on, where at least my virtual socks would stay up and my pleated skirt would stay neat, not like real life! The clubbers were dressed in their high-school togs and how great to see lots of bright clothes on the Americans instead of dull old British school uniforms,  We did have a couple of lads in short trousers though, but of course, they were Brits, lol, the American and Canadian teens looked very glam in their casual school clothes. We had 'Harry Potter style teacher Simon looking after us tonight, so we had to be careful not to misbehave. Schoolboy Ed was a little bit naughty though, he had brought his pet mouse with him in his trouser  pocket and asked if any of the girls wanted to stroke it.  He's lucky teacher Simon didn't confiscate it and give him detention!  DJ Janis Short had a whole range of brilliant school related songs and the trivia went on all through the evening with swats like Hibiscus and Simon answering all the tricky questions.  Maybe school wasn't as bad as I thought, we had a great time at the HangOut - Happy Days!

Janey Bracken

Picture by courtesy of  Csar Georgette

Picture by courtesy of  Csar Georgette

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