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Sunday, 11 September 2016

In Memory Of All Those Who Perished On This, The 15th Anniversary Of 9/11

911 Memorial at Stagg Island

How 15 years has flown by so fast since the  dreadful day that the World Trade Centre was attacked and so sadly all those people lost their lives.  There are also many stories of great courage and heroism surrounding the 9/11 attacks, when people came together to try to help, as the good people do, risking their own lives for their fellow human beings.  We will never forget those ordinary men and women who went into work that day and never came home. We will also never forget the first responders, the police, the fire crews, the ambulance crews, the people without uniforms who stepped right in to try to save others, so many of them losing their lives too.  If 9/11 did one thing positive, it taught us never to accept such an act of violence ever again without questioning the motives behind any future attacks.  My deep condolences to all those people who lost relatives, friends and colleagues on this 15th anniversary of 9/11.

Janey Bracken

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