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Friday, 5 August 2016

Looking Around The Mesh Body Addicts Fair

I enjoyed looking around the Mesh Body Addicts Fair yesterday.  I bought my Maitreya 'Lara' mesh body quite a while ago and I've gradually built up my new wardrobe of mesh compatible clothes over the last few months.  Any excuse for shopping!  I saw some of the SL stores I frequently buy from represented at the show, including DE Designs, Gizza, KC shoes and Catwa.  By the way, shoes are wonderful since mesh hit the scene, some are sold with a Hud so you can match the shoe colour with any of your outfits.  I was delighted to see that there is more choice in mesh for men now, some really handsome looking mesh male heads and bodies are in the shops, together with some outstanding skin appliers; The faces look so real it's amazing. However, I would have liked to have seen a lot more outlets for men's clothes at the show, it's a lot easier being a woman in SL as there are so many shops that cater for women. The Fair covers two sims and I had to wait a while to get in, as the sims were full to capacity.  The Fair is nicely laid out and I didn't get lost as I usually do at the Hair Fair.

A while ago I had worn a mesh head, but I got a little bit worried about it when people told me that my face hadn't rezzed into view and all they could see was hair and a couple of dangling eyeballs! Not a pretty sight!  Is there something I'm doing wrong? I have seen the same thing on others where the person has no face, but very rarely, there are plenty of very pretty mesh heads being used without any problems as far as I can see.  The mesh appliers are brilliant for make-up, these designers are real artists, they do a fantastic job.  If you love your fingernails painted, there are shops that specialise in that too, wonderful stuff.  I wonder what the mesh heads of the future will be like.  At the moment you can't alter the shape of the features to personalise your mesh face, something that puts me off a bit, but nevertheless you can alter the look a lot with the skin appliers and hair.  Plus the heads come with a Hud so you can use animations to smile etc, which is a real bonus.

When sorting out my mesh wardrobe, I've searched high and low for some plain bodysuits or te-shirts to wear under the mesh clothing.  Sometimes it's good to be able to put an applier garment on under a jacket or something you think is a little bit low cut and I've got a nice black bodysuit, but haven't been able to find any white ones or primary colours without them being lacy, patterned or just too fancy.  Plus some of them have straps that you don't want showing, so if anyone knows of a designer who does such a garment perhaps they could let me know. 

Go over and visit the Mesh Body Addicts Fair and transform your avatar!

Janey Bracken
Mesh Head rezzing problems

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