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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Great Steam Punk Party At The HangOut

I nearly missed a great party tonight, DJ and HangOut Club owner Janis Short was having a Steam Punk theme 'do' and I had missed the notice.  Luckily Janis sent me a message so I had to quickly get my costume together as I knew everyone would be looking amazing and when I got there they were. Steam Punk is an eccentric sort of Victorian style linked in with science fiction, but with steam powered machines instead of the computer generation of things. There were top hats and goggles, corsets with frilly skirts and velvet suits.   Isn't Second Life just so funny though, there we are all having a brilliant time and Fibi announces that she has attend the real life laundry, so she would be away from the keyboard for a while. Then Hibiscus asked to be excused too as she had to go into her real life kitchen to start cooking dinner. So our avatars carry on dancing while we nip off to do the chores!  It would be wonderful if the cooking and laundry were virtual and the parties were real life!

There is another party at the HangOut this Wednesday when DJ Simon Seurat's theme will be Fire and Flames! So it should be a sizzling night!  Be there on Wednesday at 1pm to 2pm SLT.

Thank you Janis for a smashing night!

Janey Bracken 

1 comment:

Hibiscus said...

What a great party, and wonderful pictures, Janey! Everyone looked fantastic and so did the club. That's so funny about having daily chores, it would be wonderful if the cooking and laundry were virtual, but then we would want real food and clothes afterwards. At least this way we get to attend the party.