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Monday, 8 August 2016

Dirty Dancing Into The Night At The HangOut

What an amazing party at the HangOut tonight!  A 'Dirty Dancing' movie theme and didn't everyone look brilliant!  The music was that infectious get up and boogie on through the night stuff! Pure magic! DJ and HangOut owner Janis Short played the tunes from Dirty Dancing, plus lots of funky stuff from those disco days.  The club was packed and everyone had a fantastic time. Simon and Fleur even managed the Dirty Dancing Lift, see Simon's picture, thanks Simon, well caught! and well balanced Fleur!   Don't miss the HangOut on Wednesday when DJ Simon Seurat is having a Demons and Devils Party  (1pm to 2pm SLT), so if you are feeling a little bit impish pop along!

Janey Bracken
Simon and Fleur do the Dirty Dancing Lift Photo by courtesy of Simon Seurat

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