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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Back To The Roadside Philosophers And Please Be Generous And Help The People of Venezuela

You know, the world is full of wonderful people, people who have a deep understanding of world events, have good points of view and pass their knowledge on freely to people who are open to receiving new ideas and information.  Second Life is a great place for people to meet from all around the planet to exchange their thoughts and stories.  One such group is the Roadside Philosophers and I went over tonight to listen to one of the group leaders, Lyle Lindman, holding a discussion about Politics, Morality and Trust.  I hadn't been to a meeting for a while, but I'm glad I dropped in, it was great to take part again.  Thanks to everyone there and to Lyle for such an interesting evening!

Also, talking of world events, Wetherby's owner Miss W (Alejandra Jumanya) sent out this note with the latest news about Venezuela, where the people are really going through hard times. She says:

"The reality of what's going on in Venezuela.
Mon, Aug 15 2016 2:30:55 PM PDT

Hi guys!  Things here in Venezuela are getting worse.  Allegedly, we have the highest Inflation rate in the world.  Next year the inflation rate will be around 1600% *sighs deeply*.  We have a  shortage of meds,   Food is so scarce, I won't even go into details.  But THANK GOD I was able to buy a package in America with food and it's on its way to us.   Most of my friends are migrating." 

You can make a donation to help the people of Venezuela at Miss W's store, where she sells her excellent fashions, so please be generous if you can.  Wetherby's Fashions

Janey Bracken


Nahiram Vaniva said...

Thank you for this post, Janey. I am a Venezuelan living in Venezuela and we are having a hard time trying to survive. Security, meds, and food, as Miss W says, are scarce. Life quality is declining too, all public services are going bad in addition to the political situation which does not help because we can't see a way out to this pandemonium.

Thanks to Miss W for setting this way to help, it'd be nice to see how we can be involved to help from inside.

An article about it


Janey Bracken said...

Hi Nahi, Thank you very much for your comment. We don't get much news at all in the UK main media about the hardship that is going on in your country, the world should be ashamed to let this happen to Venezuela. They can always find money for war, yet turn a blind eye to such a desperate situation. I would ask people to donate and to spread the word about what is happening in Venezuela. I hope you are safe Nahi, much love, Janey xxx

Nahi said...

Thank you, Janey. Spreading the word as much as possible about what is happening here would be of great help. Information control is also another issue here, there's no paper for newspapers (not produced here any more) and the foreign currency control system is used as a way to silence the media: if media speak against government, $s to buy the material for printing the newspaper won't be assigned to media private owners

Nahiram Vaniva

Janey Bracken said...

Yes, not surprised about the newspaper situation, I seem to recall that the stopping of print materials for newspapers has been used in the past as a way to control what news gets out. Although as you point out with your links, the BBC has covered events, though it doesn't filter down to the National newspapers as big news here and it's not actually mentioned on our tv morning news as it should be. The press world-wide is owned by 6 corporations so news is pretty much sewn up as to what they want released. This should be major news everywhere, how can world leaders claim to give countries foreign aid and help when such situations are allowed to continue. Janeyx