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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Great Night at Zorro's Tavern and Don't Miss Tomorrow and Monday's Shows at the Superb HangOut Club

Well it's gone midnight and I just had a brilliant evening at Zorro's Tavern with all the crowd.  DJ Janis Short said it was an  OPPOSITES ATTRACT STOP AND GO, HELLO AND GOODBYE AND STUFF LIKE THAT THERE  sort of party, so it was pretty laid back with great company, plenty of chat and some groovy tunes.  In fact DJs Brain and Minxy will be together for a new show at the HangOut this Saturday (9 July) for some cosy 'chats and tunes' from noon until 2pm SLT and Janis will be dj'ing at a party at the HangOut on Monday from 1pm to 3pm SLT.  She told us it's a Jump, Jive and Wail event, that's 30s and 50s tunes with fancy dress.  So get your glad-rags ready and book your cabs for the HangOut!

Janey Bracken

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