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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Cool Evening At The HangOut Club With DJ Simon's Great Set Of Cover Songs

DJ Simon Seurat

After the heat wave in the UK over the last couple of days, it was a real cool evening at the fabulous HangOut Club tonight. DJ Simon Seurat played a great set of  'cover tunes', famous songs covered by other artists.  I always admire our SL dj's, Simon must have such a wide knowledge of music to put such an awesome set together;  Club owner and DJ Janis Short is the same, what she doesn't know about the history of rock and roll isn't worth talking about!  Another nice surprise this evening, one of Muddy's Music Cafe top dj's TXBarbara Bailey joined the party at the HangOut too.  We had some brilliant cover tunes, Saint Etienne singing Only Love Can Break Your Heart, Florence in the Machine  with Fleetwood Mac's Chains, Frankie Goes to Hollywood with Born to Run, to name but a few. But best of all was our Simon himself, yes, he sang along to Michael Jackson's Thriller! Well done Simon!   It was nice to see  Slate McLeod back in SL tonight too, I'm glad he is fit again after not being very well a few weeks ago. Thanks Simon and Janis for a smashing night.  By the way the club looked the 'business', Janis had some pictures of London and the London Underground as the decor, it really looked fantastic.

Janey Bracken

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