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Sunday, 31 July 2016

A Night To Remember Artefax Jericho And All The Other Second Life Friends Who Have Died - A Celebration Of Their Lives

It was a little bit too late last night for me to write this post, a very important post about the friends we make and lose in Second Life for one reason or another.  There is no doubt about it, the virtual friends we have mean as much to us as our real life mates and buddies and many SL relationships spill over into real life anyway. After all we are all people behind the avatars.  Last night I got a call from Rob Fenwitch about a special evening they were having at Brucie Lusch's brilliant club Muckers.  A very popular avatar called Artefax Jericho had owned an SL pub called the Bushy Beard a little while ago.  Sadly Artefax, known as Arte to his friends in SL, has recently died and last night was a party to celebrate his life and all the memories that people who knew him could muster, the happy, lovely, funny times in his company. 

Rob told me that Arte had been in contact with Lohoha Chestnut before he died, Loh had had some wonderful SL fancy dress parties and as Arte loved wildlife, it was decided that last night's party would be a recreation of the Bushy Beard pub with animal costumes as the theme.  So we had lots of amazing animal related outfits. Loh donned a cute little monkey avatar and the most amazing outfit of all for me was Zila's tropical bird dress with an assortment of actual birds clinging to her skirts! In the real world Arte had been a very talented photographer, taking many wildlife pictures and throughout the evening we could see examples of his excellent work.  There were also large screens in the club showing old SL photos from Arte's on-line life, the friends gathering for different occasions, the poignant virtual photos that we all treasure so much from our SL history. One of Arte's friends, Gloria Sempati, was dj'ing when I arrived and she was playing some of their favourite tunes, everyone was awash with memories of the good times together.

Of course, Arte hasn't been the only person to have passed on and Rob told me about some of the other sad loses from our virtual world. So this party was in fact to celebrate them all, the people who have left their mark and will always be remembered so fondly.  So we also celebrated the lives of Chimera Hermit who had died earlier in the year,  Riko Kamachi who had died in February and Arrizz Janus who had died in 2010. Arrizz had been dj Minxy's partner in real life and SL. 

Later on dj Minxy took over the set from Gloria and we discovered it was actually Minxy's Rez Day. It was a fantastic night of friends getting together to enjoy each other's company and to recall those magical times which included those they have said goodbye to.  They will always be with us, they have been part of our lives and always will be. 

Janey Bracken

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