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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

You Want Freedom For The Future, Including Social Media? Make Sure You Vote Leave On The 23 June And Make Brexit Happen

On 23rd June we are about to make the biggest decision of our lives and I make no apologies for saying that I am a 100% behind setting the United Kingdom free from the wolf in sheep's clothing that is the EU and I will be voting to LEAVE.  Love Britain? Love our European friends? Start the ball rolling to free us all by Voting Out of the EU and watch the UK economy finally grow for the actual people unshackled by EU laws and red tape. If we win the Leave vote then the other EU member states, who are also deeply disillusioned by their membership of this political union, will demand referendums too. And yes you can still travel to other European countries, you always could before Britain joined the EU!!  Take time to watch the video below where David Icke tells of the history and reasons behind the EU.
Janey Bracken

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