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Friday, 24 June 2016

Congratulations On The First Step Of Independence For The UK

It just hasn't sunk in yet, the fact that the majority of the people of Britain won the referendum to leave the EU. An EU that had always sold itself to us as being just about trade, but had step by step taken over our laws, criminal justice system and planned, in just the last few weeks, to issue us with a European tax number so they could take over our finances. The British public has finally made a stand and said "no more", something I never thought I would see.  This first immense battle has been won as we should soon start the process of thrashing out a new trade deal and how to smoothly exit the EU over a 2 year period (minimum), as well as setting up trade deals with the rest of the world, something that we have not been able to do totally before.  However, I say "first battle" because Brussels will not let the UK go without a fight. Be prepared to have everything thrown at us for a short while, so there is a rocky road to travel, but we have to hold our nerve and stay positive. Switzerland has now refused to join the EU and people from many EU countries such as Denmark, Italy, France and Sweden are now saying that they want a referendum too.  Britain has started the ball rolling for nations to become independent and strong again, whilst having a great relationship with each other and trading our goods.  So proud of Britain today! The lion has roared and must not be trapped again.

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