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Wednesday, 4 May 2016


After the HangOut Club tonight I went over to Zorro's Tavern and luckily I did!  They were having a lovely party in the gardens of the Tavern with Minxy Woodsheart dj'ing and playing some great tunes.  Half way through the evening Zorro's owner Rob Fenwitch told us that it was his 7th Rez Day.  He said that he had been bored one Bank Holiday Monday and had decided to try SL; Well I'm glad he did! HAPPY REZ DAY ROB!!

Janey Bracken


Minx UK said...

Yay! Thanks Janey :)

Glad you even got Fred the Minion in shot too!!!

Hibiscus said...

Happy Rez Day Rob!

Janey Bracken said...

Can't leave Fred out Minxy! great party! Think it's a great idea of yours to have another special party for Rob's Rez Day, as he was so sneaky and never told anyone it was his Rez Day until half way through the evening! xx