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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Interesting Night At the Bernie Sanders SL HQ

Onwards and upwards with my quest to explore the campaigns for the USA elections in Second Life, I found a great SL HQ for Bernie Sanders this evening.  There were quite a few people there when I arrived, curiously, even a couple of people from outside of America, Scotland and the Netherlands, so I wasn't the only foreigner in attendance! Like the Trump campaigners last night, the Bernie supporters were very passionate about their would be Presidential Candidate Sanders.  I must admit I've watched a couple of his speeches and he does say a lot of things people want to hear, so the race is getting interesting, as Trump supporters too are very fired up for their guy.  There doesn't seem to be much going on in SL as far as Clinton, but maybe I haven't searched hard enough yet to find any real sims for her. Anyways, thanks for the nice welcome to the people at the Sanders' HQ, they even have a fund raising event on the 23rd April, a concert, for anyone who wants to pop along. 

Janey Bracken

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