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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Dripping With Blood At The HangOut Club With Vampires Galore!

The blood was a'dripping from the fangs of the guests, the white pearly skins of the dancers looked eerie in the pale moonlight which shone through the windows of the HangOut Club! The dancers had their talons drawn as their dark cavernous eyes hungrily roamed the room for their next victim!  (I hid in the corner, well out of the way of the vampires, just in case they fancied a bite!).  The invite from HangOut Club owner/dj Janis Short said "A MONOCHROMATIC DRACULA EVENT ..FEATURING THE SETS OF THE ICONIC EDWARD GOREY STAGE PRESENTATION ... THEME IS VAMPIRES"  And it certainly was a great night, plenty of atmosphere and fun with all the amazing costumes! (sorry I missed taking a picture of Barbi and Slate, I was slow getting around the room, well I had all those vampires to dodge, and sadly Barbi and Slate had left before I got a shot of them!).  Fantastic evening, as ever Janis, thank you!

Janey Bracken
PS the HangOut Club has a new landmark

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