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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Who Do You Think Will Be Sitting In The White House Very Soon - Donald, Hillary, Bernie Or Someone Else?

We have a massively important event in the UK this year, the EU referendum, which is dominating all of the news, and rightly so. However just across the pond there is another gigantic happening this year, America's 2016 Presidential Election.  Out of curiosity I did an SL search on the USA elections and found that there is quite a bit of interest in Second Life with groups and sims supporting the main runners, the Republican Party's Donald Trump and Bernie Sandors and Hillary Clinton, both for the Democratic Party. Of course there are many more runners  in this race and I even watched an interview with John McAfee of anti-virus software fame, McAfee is a candidate for the Libertarian Party.  See the full list of Parties and their Presidential candidates at 

Are you passionate about this year's elections? Has Donald Trump grabbed your imagination as the outsider who stole the show? Do you think Hillary is your kind of girl? Has Bernie got it all to be the next US President?  Would Mr McAfee suddenly appear from nowhere as someone who could make it? especially as he has such a high profile internet following.   If you have an opinion let me know, (no swearing or name calling at the candidates though please!). 

Janey Bracken

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