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Friday, 4 March 2016

Jumpers for Chickens and the Good People of Zorro's Tavern

It was a great night at Zorro's Tavern tonight, dj BrainPhrozen Woodsheart played some brilliant 80s and 90s tunes!  I never know how these clever dj's always pick such an amazing selection of songs, I can never think of any tunes to load onto my ipod! Catriona Macbain did a smashing job as Zorro's hostess tonight too.  I learned something this evening that I hadn't heard of before, Zorro's clubber Lilac Jetaime told us that she is making jumpers for chickens!  Jumpers for chickens? I asked.  "Yes" Lilac said, and she told us that when people give ex-battery hens a home, (when they are no longer laying enough eggs and the farmer doesn't want them any more), the birds need woolly jumpers as they haven't got any feathers to keep them warm.  Poor little things!  I know some people in the battery hen industry also trim the tips of the chicken's beaks to stop them pecking at each other; How stressed out these birds must be.  I thought the jumpers were a great idea for them until their feathers grow back.  See Daily Mail article

I know times are very hard for people at the moment, but if you can, buy free range eggs, maybe from someone you know in your area who keeps chickens, give these poor little battery hens a break. Maybe one day the cruel practice of keeping chickens in tiny cages most of their lives will stop. Thanks for telling us Lilac and it looks like Minxy is going to have a go at knitting some jumpers too, well done to them both!  

Janey Bracken

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