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Thursday, 31 March 2016


Happy Birthday to Nahiram Vaniva.  Nahi celebrated her Birthday at Muckers on the 27th March, I hope she had a wonderful time! I've been without the internet for over a week and just got it back!  Regretfully I also missed Janis Short and Rob Fenwitch's birthdays, what a time to have no broadband!!  I hope Janis and Rob had a great time too!  Big thank you to Hibiscus and Ed for their articles on Janis and Rob's birthdays!

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Happy Birthday Janis!

Today was Janis Short's birthday and she celebrated it by having a fantastic party at her club, The HangOut (which has just moved sims so check your lms). Fantastic really does describe the party; the theme was Alice in Wonderland and we all felt as if we had entered a beautiful fantasy land, overflowing with flowers and greenery. The club was packed with Janis's  friends dressed in the spirit of the occasion dancing to the wonderful music she provided. Happy Birthday Janis!

Hibiscus Hastings

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Furr Flies at Foxy Celebration (In A Nice Way)

It is Rob Fenwitch's real life birthday today (Saturday) and his friends celebrated on Thursday night by throwing a surprise party at Zorro's, Rob's own club.The venue was already set up as a pleasant forest glade and visitors might have thought they had stumbled on Watership Down as the guests had also adopted an (Easter) bunny theme. Minxy Woodsheart was the DJ and Cat McBain hosted. A fine time was had by all with great tunes and dancing. Happy Birthday Rob, have a wonderful day today. Photos courtesy of Hazel Foxtrot.

Ed Follet

Friday, 18 March 2016

Happy 7th Rez Day To Ed Follet

A very Happy 7th Rez Day to Ed Follet.  Ed had his 7th Rez Day on the 15th March and I hope he enjoyed his special SL day!

Janey Bracken


The Guinness was flowing, the Irish flavoured music was fabulous and the colour was Emerald Green; Yes it's St Patrick's Day, 2016! I went over to Zorro's Tavern for a great night with DJ Brain and Zorro's hostess Catriona and all the gang.  Tavern owner Rob Fenwitch had set the atmosphere with some terrific St Patrick's Day decorations in the bar.  DJ Brain's avatar was a tiny leprechaun, let's hope he brings us lots of luck for 2016! HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY TO EVERYONE!

Janey Bracken