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Monday, 1 February 2016

Hibiscus's Dress Was One Of Nilsy's Fabulous Designs!

Hibiscus In One Of  Nil's Latest Designs

Second Life clothes just get more and more wonderful and so realistic, especially since mesh hit the scene.  I didn't like mesh at first, but now it's the norm and it's funny when you look back to the original painted on style system clothes, though there are still some beautiful designs in those too for sale. Since having the mesh Maitreya body 'Lara', when I shop I look for shops that sell the Maitreya appliers so I can add layers of clothing and even tattooes to my avatar if I want to. 

My friend Hibiscus Hastings dropped over tonight for us to play the card game Skippo, Hib is very good at Skippo, as is Ed and Berni who came over to play as well, so I have to keep an eye on them as they run away with the game when I'm distracted looking at their latest outfits!  They all looked very stylish and Hib's dress was lovely (I wished I'd got a picture of Berni too, she had a very chic black satin top with a gorgeous gold satin pencil skirt, get you next time Berni!).  I asked Hib where she had bought the dress, and guess what, it is one of Nils Tomorrow's brilliant designs.  Nilsy is one of the most successful designers in SL, she is so talented.  I remember her first little shop in SL London, what a long way she has come since then!  

After the game of Skippo I said goodnight to everyone and teleported over to Nilsy's main store.  There is such a selection there it's hard to decide what to buy and Nilsy is now selling the mesh body applier outfits too!  I saw this absolutely amazing pale pink dress and I knew I had to have it!  Nilsy has such a varied range of outfits that they would suit any occasion, go and treat yourself at Nils Island Store

Janey Bracken

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