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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary Nahi and Truths!

It's very nearly Valentine's Day!  Time for love and roses, time to be bold and tell the person you adore that you love them! A couple who definitely had an arrow through their hearts for each other are Nahi Vaniva and Truths Marder.  The truly beautiful couple met and married in Second Life and they celebrated their 5th SL Wedding Anniversary today!  It really is a match made in heaven, Truths and Nahi's party invitation read "It all started with a kiss and we celebrate every day with many. It was not only our lips we kissed, it was our souls" Their party tonight, to celebrate their Anniversary, was at Dugi's Soul Mods venue. The club looked great, colourful balloons everywhere and a dance pole in the middle of the room!  It wasn't long before Nahi and Truths did a bit of pole dancing, and gradually Truths began to remove his clothes, we all  looked on in awe as that glistening powerful male physic appeared!  Naughty Truths didn't even keep his socks on in the end!  All the girls eyes were watering and all the guys were green with envy! Not too far behind Truths sexy dance was Nahi, she took her top off and danced to the beat of the music.  The tunes were supplied by brilliant dj Slate McLeod.  No one has any doubts now what Nahi and Truths see in each other! Lol!  Happy 5th Anniversary Truths and Nahi! What a wonderful party!

Janey Bracken

Who are the pair in the kissing booth?

Barbie and Slate look a little bit guilty!

Tobi and Divine finished the evening in style

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much,Janney, for this awesome report of our 5th anniversary party @ Dugi Rubble 's Soul Mod in SL. The music , companion and club deco were great! Thanks also to DJ Slate McLeod who chose excellent tunes we like a lot . Kisses for all and have a very Happy St Valentine!!