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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Get The 'Janey Bracken' Dress At Wetherby's Fashions - What An Honour To Have A Dress Named After Me!

I was out and about in SL tonight and as I was reading my notices  something unusual caught my eye.  Wetherby's Fashions, owned by the very talented and wonderful designer Alejandra Jumanya (known as Mrs W to her friends and customers), had sent a notice about today's free gift.  (Mrs W generously gives out a free outfit most week days and she has some brilliant offers at the weekends too). As I read Wetherby's notice I was astonished to see today's gift is a 'Janey Bracken' dress.  Could there be two Janey Brackens in SL I thought, I even checked the avatar names list Lol.  Well I couldn't find another Janey B!  I went straight over and got the dress, it's a beautifully elegant design in brown and cream with a zipper feature.  I left a message for Mrs W telling her how honoured I am to have one of her designs named after me.  

The dress will be free for today for members of the Wetherby group. Back in August 2015 Mrs Wetherby had set up a charity to help the people in Venezuela, she is a legend in SL.  See Mrs W, Of Wetherby's Fashions, Has Set Up A Charity For The People Of Venezuela - Please Give Generously
Wetherby's Fashion Blog

Thank you so much Mrs W for naming this lovely dress after me! 

Janey Bracken

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