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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Burns Night 2016 At The HangOut Club

I hope you had your haggis for dinner tonight!  Yes it was Burns Night;  A time to celebrate that wonderful Scottish poet 'Rabbie' Burns, the famous 18th Century bard.  Auld Lang Syne is probably Robert Burn's most famous poem (song), but he is also known for "A Red, Red Rose"; "A Man's a Man for A' That"; "To a Louse"; "To a Mouse"; "The Battle of Sherramuir"; "Tam o' Shanter"; and "Ae Fond Kiss" and many more (list of poems from Telegraph article about Burns).  To mark the occasion there was a Burn's Night party at the HangOut Club!  Owner/dj Janis Short had some brilliant Scottish tunes and Scottish artists on the menu, and the clubbers proudly wore some colourful tartan outfits.  Bagpipes and kilts swung to the sound of the music and I promised not to shoot any pictures from the ground level in case the kilts showed too much 'leg' (thanks for the hint Slate!). It was a lovely night, and a smashing way to celebrate one of Scotland's finest!  Happy Burns Nght everyone!

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Get The 'Janey Bracken' Dress At Wetherby's Fashions - What An Honour To Have A Dress Named After Me!

I was out and about in SL tonight and as I was reading my notices  something unusual caught my eye.  Wetherby's Fashions, owned by the very talented and wonderful designer Alejandra Jumanya (known as Mrs W to her friends and customers), had sent a notice about today's free gift.  (Mrs W generously gives out a free outfit most week days and she has some brilliant offers at the weekends too). As I read Wetherby's notice I was astonished to see today's gift is a 'Janey Bracken' dress.  Could there be two Janey Brackens in SL I thought, I even checked the avatar names list Lol.  Well I couldn't find another Janey B!  I went straight over and got the dress, it's a beautifully elegant design in brown and cream with a zipper feature.  I left a message for Mrs W telling her how honoured I am to have one of her designs named after me.  

The dress will be free for today for members of the Wetherby group. Back in August 2015 Mrs Wetherby had set up a charity to help the people in Venezuela, she is a legend in SL.  See Mrs W, Of Wetherby's Fashions, Has Set Up A Charity For The People Of Venezuela - Please Give Generously
Wetherby's Fashion Blog

Thank you so much Mrs W for naming this lovely dress after me! 

Janey Bracken

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary Barbie and Slate!

It was Barbie and Slate Mcleod's 4th Wedding Anniversary today and they celebrated at the Soul ModsTwisted Club with all their friends.  Sorry I missed the party, I hope you had a brilliant time Barbie and Slate, many congratulations on your 4th SL Wedding Anniversary!

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A Tribute to David Bowie - DJ Janis Short Tells of Her Memories of Her Friend David

David Bowie in 1970 - Picture courtesy of Janis Short

It was meant to be a  celebration at the HangOut Club tonight to mark David Bowie's birthday, but sadly, instead it turned out to be a tribute to one of the greatest rock legends of all time. We learned  today that David Bowie had died after his tragic battle with cancer.  It was particularly poignant for HangOut owner Janis Short who, in real life, had known David Bowie.  Janis told  me "David was my very first celebrity interview .. I lied to get it...he was so kind to me ...and we remained friends for the rest of his life... I will miss him and his genius."  Janis had taken the above photograph of the handsome young Bowie, she said she had taken the picture on the day she met him in New York City in 1970.  For Janis's full story see her FB page

Janis played a great set of Bowie music, everyone really enjoyed the evening, tinged with such sadness as it was.  Janis has a wealth of memories about her time in the real life Music Industry and  some fascinating stories to tell.  Thank you Janis for sharing this tonight about David Bowie, he will be greatly missed by all of his many fans and my condolences to his family and friends.

Janey Bracken
DJ Janis Short