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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Fun at Club Underground and Zorro's Tavern

There are some terrific parties in SL at this time of year and it's a job getting to them all, but I did manage to go to a couple last night.  First I dropped into Club Underground where club owner Seany, Fluffy and all the clubbers were having a great time.  DJ Majestic played some brilliant tunes and the banter was really funny.  Seany has a 'truthball' in the club.  A truthball is a type of lantern, you click on it and it asks you personal questions, it's a good way of breaking the ice if you have a group of people. Anyway, Seany, witty as ever, had some hilarious replies. Truthball Question for Seany1235 Blinker : What do you drink with dinner?  Seany: gravy. Question for Seany1235 Blinker : Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?  Seany: sheets ?  Fluffy told him  "a flat sheet tucked under the mattress" Seany: that thing has a mind of its own? I wake up fighting the damn thing" 

From the Club Underground I went over to Zorro's Tavern where DJ Janis Short was playing an awesome set of tunes in honour of all the pop stars and celebrities who have passed away this year.  Zorro's was very busy too and I had a great time there, as everyone chatted and danced until midnight. 

If you aren't going out on the town in real life tonight to see in the New Year, you can pop along to Muckers where dj's Minxy and Brain will be on live mic spinning their favourite tunes. 

Another year nearly over!

Janey Bracken

Club Underground

Zorro's Tavern

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Zorro's Just The Place For An 'After Christmas' Relaxed Party

I had a lovely time at Zorro's Tavern tonight, it was a nice relaxed party with DJ Minxy playing some acoustic guitar songs by various artists. We talked about how cold it was outside in the real world!  Minxy was nice and warm in SL though, she had a snug onesie on, you can't get more relaxed than that!  Gloria joined us in the SL pub. She had friend Fibi staying with her in real life, so they shared a computer as Glo's avatar danced with the rest of us as we waved to Fibi from the virtual world.  Minxy and Brain were also together in real life as both of their av's were dancing with us.  Rob is talking about refurbishing Zorro's Tavern in the New Year, which will be exciting; Great venue, great people and I'm looking forward to  many more visits to Rob Fenwitch's brilliant Tavern in 2017.

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Show Some Linden Love To Miss W And Anyone Else You Know In Venezuela - Make A Real Difference

Most of us would have had a lovely Christmas, many people probably complaining about how the shops were so busy as we loaded our trolleys high with food and drink to enjoy feasting over the holiday period. Well just imagine if you had gone to the shops and the shelves were empty and the little bit of money you did have was not enough to pay for the small amount of food that was available.  This is the situation in Venezuela, a country where people are on the brink of starving. One of our friends in SL, Miss W (Alejandra Jumanya) told me recently "Food is just so hard to get here, food lines are horribly long and dangerous... also riots and such."  Ale has been so generous to everyone in SL with her Fashion outlet Wetherby's and now is the time to give her a hand to survive in Venezuela while these troubles are happening.  Ale has to get her supplies by shipping them over to Venezuela from Walmart and money is an issue at this terrible time. If you can give Ale or anyone else you know in Venezuela a hand this Christmas please do so. You can buy Ale's clothes from Wetherby's (her Womanity line of clothes is awesome!) or just send her a gift of Lindens, make a difference and let's all hope that Venezuela sorts out its problems very soon for everyone there.  A big thank you to Ale for those free dresses she gives us all, do the right thing and say thank you to her by showing some Linden love.

Janey Bracken

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Happy Christmas 2016

No matter how young or old you are, never lose the Magic! Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

Janey Bracken

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Victorian Boxing Day Party At the HangOut On Monday

There will be a Victorian Boxing Day party at the HangOut on Monday from 1pm (SLT). So sort out your best Victorian outfits and go over and have some fun!

Janey Bracken

Hibiscus and I Out On The Town at The Lounge Jazz Club

Hibiscus and I went out on the SL town last night, we went dancing at the fabulous Lounge Jazz Club owned by Xaphyre Ansar-Nordic.  The club has a new location now and it's ultra modern and very different from the traditional lounge bar interior of the old venue. Xaphyre's club is situated in a large warehouse style building with lots of room for the guests to dance and listen to the pure Jazz Xaphyre specialises in. We had a great time, Happy Christmas to everyone at the The Lounge.

Janey Bracken