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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

It Was A Work-Out Celebration For Nahi's Seventh Rez Day Party

What a good idea to try to lose some weight before we put it all back on again over Christmas!! And what better way to do it (well in Second Life anyway), than to have a party in a fully equipped gymnasium! (it was actually that great club Muckers!).  It was Nahi Vaniva's Rez Day yesterday and she celebrated tonight at Muckers!  The invitation stated that it was an aerobics party so I kitted myself out with my sports gear and headed over to the club.  I met an amazing site as I went in, with people on exercise bikes, some doing press ups and even a couple of people doing the gentle art of yoga, yes Berni and Brucie were incredibly supple it made my eyes water in case they got stuck.  Nahi, looking gorgeous as ever even in her sports kit, was astonishingly swinging a massive barbell around her head.  I think everyone was too scared to stop their work-outs in case she aimed it at them, she must certainly be toned after lifting all that.  I got on an exercise bike next to Ed, Simon and Hib and cycled like mad trying to keep up. It was only when I zoomed out and looked at the back of us that I realised that my rear end certainly needs to make the exercise bike a daily routine, how cruel SL is sometimes! Hib had to log out and dj BrainPhrozen Woodsheart took her place on the bike next to me!  What a relief, Brain had these enormous muscles so he made me look small in comparison.  Brain had been doing different stuff all round the gym, press ups, cycling, sit ups and all sorts, but he still managed to play some brilliant music with a terrific Latin American flavour to get us all going for the burn!  It was certainly a party with a difference and an exhausting but fun Rez Day celebration for Nahi who has been in SL for 7 years!  HAPPY REZ DAY NAHI.  I think we should have another gymnastic party again in the New Year to work off the Christmas cheer!

Janey Bracken


Nahiram Vaniva said...

Wonderful party with great music with DJ Brain ! Brucie, Muckers Music manager, did an extraordinaire job when she set up the scene with all those machines and mats, and a cake as well!! And at the end tho net with colorful balloons ! it was all amazing!

Special mention to all the people who shared with me this special ocassion! 7 is a magic and wonderful number!

Thank you very much, Janey, for partying with us and this detailed post!!

Janey Bracken said...

Thank you for inviting me Nahi, I had a great time; 7 certainly is a magical number and I'm glad I was there to share it with you! xxx