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Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas Party Fun At Muddy's Music Cafe

DJ TxBarbara Bailey

The Christmas parties are really good in SL and I went over to that very popular venue Muddy's Music Cafe tonight.  TxBarbara Bailey was dj'ing with Bambi Foxdale who was the hostess for the night.  As I arrived I counted 44 in the sim, reaching the door I suddenly crashed out of SL, 44 people were just too much for my poor viewer.  However, I knew what a great night it would be, so I logged back in and eventually made it onto the dance floor where the party was in full swing.  As ever, DJ Barb played a brilliant set of tunes and the atmosphere was electric with lots of happy chat from the clubbers!  There was even a Gingerbread avatar called Philip, he was great fun and people threatened to eat bits of him!  I had a cup of tea in real life and wondered if I could just break a little bit of his arm off to dip in my tea!  You have to be careful dunking biscuits (cookies) though, especially if the biscuit breaks up and sinks to the bottom of the cup! Nasty!  So I left Philip alone to enjoy his night. As the evening went on more and more people arrived, just amazing! I counted 53 in the sim before I left.  There aren't many clubs in SL that draw that amount of clubbers!  A big thanks to DJ Barb and hostess Bambi for a lovely night!  Christmas is really just around the corner now! 

Janey Bracken

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