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Friday, 18 December 2015

A Christmas Party At Zorro's Tavern With Fantastic News - Brain and Minxy Announce Their Real Life Engagement!

What an absolutely wonderful Christmas Party at Rob Fenwitch's Zorro's Tavern tonight!  We were dancing outside in the snow around a blazing log fire to some fabulous Christmas tunes, plus some favourite golden oldies courtesy of DJ Reverend BrainPhrozen.  Hostess Catriona Macbain made us all welcome and helped to create a festive atmosphere in Zorro's snowy gardens.  Everyone got in the mood in their winter outfits, even Rob was dressed as a foxy Santa Clause! 

But the most awesome news of all, it wasn't only a Christmas Party, it was also an Engagement Party as well.  Brain and his SL partner and real life girlfriend Minxy Woodsheart announced that they are to be married in real life!  Brain told us "me and my good lady Minxy are to be wed in a couple of years time"  A real life romance!  Brain and Minxy had met by chance at Janis Short's HangOut Club, Minxy told us "You know, if Rob hadn't mentioned that he was at the HangOut and that I should come had been years since I'd spoken to Janis and then Janis persuaded me in. Unlikely that Brain and I would have met."  So it was meant to be, and you couldn't meet a nicer couple than Brain and Minxy;  Hopefully they will have another SL party after the New Year to include all their friends who couldn't make it tonight.  Happy Christmas and Congratulations to them both, fabulous news!

Janey Bracken




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