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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Zorro's Tavern Whipped Up A Storm Tonight!

The theme of the party at Zorro's Tavern was very unusual tonight! Chains and Whips!  So I just had to go over and take a look!  It seems there is a fetish in SL for avatars to bring out their dominatrix side, as most of the clubbers had whips in their hands when I arrived!  Black leather, whips and sexy outfits ruled the night. Some of the costumes were quite cheeky!  (I bet they got the whips as freebies in SL when they first explored as newbies, picking up boxes of free gifts with all sorts of dodgy contents, I know I did!).  Ed Follet couldn't dress for the part though, he is actually away on holiday in Milan in real life, he managed to get into SL by using his tablet so he could still chat to us, which was great.  The only problem was that his SL scripts did not work that well for him and he arrived at Zorro's still in a sitting position from the game of Greedy we had played before we went to the club.  He didn't have a care in the world though, he looked very relaxed being that all those whips were flying around his avatar's head!  He did manage to stand in the end, but had lost his shoes; The wonders of Second Life!  DJ Janis Short played some brilliant tunes to suit the theme, not an easy thing to do, but she managed it and it was a terrific set.  It was a (whip) cracking party, we all had great fun and I'm glad no one was 'chained' to the television tonight because they would have missed a smashing evening at Zorro's Tavern!  Foxy Tavern owner Rob Fenwitch certainly puts on some great events there! 

Janey Bracken

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