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Monday, 26 October 2015

The Addams Family Helped DJ Janis Short Celebrate Her 8th Rez Day Tonight!

As I entered the HangOut Club tonight I thought I heard a creepy voice say to me "You Rang?"  My blood ran cold as I spotted Lurch at the back of the dance floor, then all the other Addams Family characters rezzed into view!!! There they all were, Morticia, Wednesday, Lurch, Gomez, Uncle Fester, Pugsley, Cousin Itt and Grandmama.  Peering through the graveyard crowd I saw pretty little Wednesday looking so cute, but so sinister, she was standing near Lurch. This particular Wednesday Addams had good reason to be the star of the Addams Family Party tonight, it was our very own Janis Short, DJ and HangOut Club owner.  Janis dazzled both with her outfit and her pick of tunes to celebrate her 8th Rez Day and the place was packed.  I stood near the dance cage by the door, as it was difficult to move with the amount of people there, and I saw a very hairy orange character rocking and rolling in the cage, I'd forgotten all about the Cousin Itt character, the little hairy monster.  As it happened there were two Cousin Itt's there tonight.  In fact we had doubles all over the place, very spooky!  I didn't like the look of the vulture that Pugsley had on his shoulder either, he looked like he was waiting for one of the crowd to hit the deck so he could get his beak into them! 

Yet another brilliant party at the HangOut and a very special one to celebrate Janis's Rez Day! Happy Rez Day Janis!!!

Janey Bracken

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Hibiscus said...

Happy Rez Day Janis! Sorry I missed your party, I'm sure it was wonderful, good to see the great pictures, everyone looked fantastic.