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Monday, 14 September 2015

Cher Present's His New Sim, A Little Gem Of End Of World Wasteland Waiting To Be Colonised

I remember living in the nice posh apartments in Deb Regent's lovely London sim a few years ago.  The apartments were in the Chelsea part of SL London (that particular Chelsea sim no longer exists, which is a shame, although the rest of SL London is still in Second Life). I had lots of fun living in virtual Chelsea.  Friend Hibiscus Hastings had an apartment in the same block and we'd meet in each other's places for coffee mornings and long chats!  Newbies would often break in, plonking themselves down on our sofas, not realising that they were invading our space, but of course we could forgive new people and it added to the fun of SL Chelsea living.  The builder of the Chelsea apartment blocks was Cher Demonge. Cher is one of SL's great builders and not only that, a brilliant artist and fashion designer too, so Cher has many strings to his bow as an SL creater.

I recently met up with Cher again and he told me that he had built a new sim, so I went over to explore.  The sim is called Love Addict - Poetry Cafe and the teleport point takes you to an old railway track where a dusty looking train looks as if its not moved for a very long time.  There are some elegant large houses near the railway track and you walk down into the town centre where the shops are boarded up and the whole place looks deserted, just as if people had slowly moved away as their businesses went under and the buildings got into disrepair.  In fact Cher told me that the sim has "just an end of the world wasteland feel".  Saying that, there are also pockets of beauty too; Away from the town centre there are more elegant old buildings with nice gardens and the whole place is surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges sheltering it from the outside world. 

As always, just as in real life, out of disrepair comes the spark of new development, new projects and new golden times to be had once we are over this period of chaos and downward trends.  Hopefully Cher will be tearing down the shutters on the closed buildings very soon and reviving this beautiful little town;  It would make a lovely market place for Christmas! Just a thought!  Go and visit Cher's sim and have a look around for yourself.

Janey Bracken

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