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Monday, 28 September 2015

Celebrating Surviving The Blood Moon At The HangOut Club!

End of the world? Well not just yet! But the Blood Moon happened last night with lots of prophasise of doom and gloom flying around the internet about our final destruction!  Don't let those b.....ds get you down!  And yes we are still here at the moment. I was lucky enough to see the Blood Moon, and it was very impressive, one of the amazing sights from within our crazy mixed up Matrix!  To celebrate the planet's survival I went over to the HangOut Club where DJ/Owner Janis Short was spinning some brilliant tunes straight out of that real life 60s era at the legendary Marquee Club which was situated in Wardour Street, London.  Time and space doesn't corrupt such great music and we had a terrific time.  

Janey Bracken
P.S. The b......ds? the Raging Grannies want to know what it's all about too!

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