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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Mrs W, Of Wetherby's Fashions, Has Set Up A Charity For The People Of Venezuela - Please Give Generously

It's hard to imagine how hard life is for some people, we take so much for granted, and going to the supermarket to buy our supplies is just another chore for many of us.  Just imagine though, if you arrived at your store to find people queuing out into the street waiting to get in to the shop; Then once you actually get through the doors, the shelves are bare of the vital products, simple things that were always there to purchase in the past and are now unobtainable, flour, rice, bread, milk, even toilet tissue.  What would you do? Well the people of Venezuela are having exactly this problem, through no fault of their own, and they need our help.

Inflation in Venezuela is running at 56% and crime has escalated so much that it's now a dangerous and lawless place to live.  Second Life does play an active part in finding out about things that go on in the world through the network of people who meet there.  One such lady who is making the most of this virtual world to help the people of Venezuela is Fashion Designer  Alejandra Jumanya, known to everyone as Mrs W.  Mrs W has her own fashion empire in Second Life called Wetherby's, one of the most successful businesses in the virtual world.  Mrs W is very well known for her generosity, throughout the years she has given away (nearly every day) different designer outfits as group gifts.  I have a complete wardrobe of Mrs W's beautiful fashions in my own inventory, she is a very talented lady and her fashions are exquisite. So it's not surprising that Mrs W has turned her skills to organising an SL event for some of the people of Venezuela by setting up a charity. The donations will go to her two chosen institutions in Venezuela where people really do need help.  Mrs W has gathered some brilliant designer friends who are selling their products for this very good cause.  Anyway read below what Mrs W says:

"Thank you for your interest in this Fundraiser.  We are raising funds to buy food for these two institutions located in Barquisimeto, Venezuela:

a) Hogar Sagrado Corazon de Jesus (Geriatric)
b) Hogar de NiƱos Impedidos (Home for Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Adults).

Venezuelans are facing big challenges, with hyperinflation, a minimum salary at about $12 a month, and huge shortages of food and medicine."

You can visit the charity in-world and buy the designer goods, or simply go to the sim to donate some money to help our friends in Venezuela at

Visit Mrs W's website too, where you can also donate, or find out more about what is happening in Venezuela:  I would strongly recommend that you watch the videos on that page, especially the last one called the Extreme World - Venezuela/2011 documentary. 

Please give all that you can to help the people of Venezuela and many thanks to Mrs W and the other Fashion Designers who  are doing all they can to make people's lives better in their time of great need. Here are a list of the shops at the charity site in SL:

Sashcha 's designs
Tresssy/s Creations
Kitty from Paris
Finale Couture
Mad Diva
Loov us

Janey Bracken

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