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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Communication Theme At Zorro's Tavern Was Great Fun

DJ Janis

The club theme was 'communication' down at Zorro's Tavern tonight and SL's  brilliant DJ, Janis Short, played all the right tunes for an amazing fun evening!  The chat proved that communication is the name of the game in Second Life, as the jokes were shared between the clubbers from around the globe, making us all laugh!  Friend Ed Follet arrived as a mail box, just right for the theme, but he had to take it off to dance those famous moves he's so good at! We had a new guest tonight too, Mattie, Mattie hadn't been to Zorro's before, (welcome Mattie!);  He's from the UK and he said how hard it was describing the humour of the British classic BBC television comedy 'Only Fools and Horses' to people from other countries. 

He's right, but I bet people can spot similar types of characters to those in the series wherever they live, working hard wheeling and dealing to earn just a few bob to avoid getting a boring regular job! I hope people in the States get a chance to see some of 'Fools and Horses' on You Tube, it's pretty timeless and is still very popular in the UK with the re-runs today.  The theme was a great idea of Janis's and we all had a lovely time!  Many thanks Janis! (My apologies to Catriona and anyone else not pictured, SL camera seemed to be playing up tonight!)

Janey Bracken

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