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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Visiting Second Life's 12th Birthday Exhibition (SLB12) 23rd June 2015

I went over to SLB12 today (Second Life's 12th Birthday Exhibition!!) and there is so much to see!!  One of the first things I spotted was a very familiar London sight! Big Ben, with some amazing jets flying past! It was an exhibit from the Second Life Military Community and it looked great!  The sim I was wandering around today was  Stupendous

The 12th Birthday SL theme is "What Dreams May Come", which is a lovely idea, it opens up so many options for people to use their skills and the exhibitors have certainly used their imaginations this year!  We have some delightful creators in Second Life and they are just so very clever with their ideas!!  I'm going to explore some more over the next few days, but here are some pictures from what I've seen today, including taking a ride on a very handsome green dragon!!! Such fun!!!

Janey Bracken
A touch of meditation at Shambhala Sanctuary - exquisite!

Poppy's Place - never stop dreaming! ground level

Poppy's Place - never stop dreaming! Under the water! Beautifully done!

Once Upon a Family - Lovely unusual design!

Gianfar Peaks of Pern - big green dragon ride, such fun!

Vacation on Mars with the National Space Society - loved the bendy bus!

Dream Trees by Elin Egoyan - gorgeous artwork from Elin!

Contested Waters - powerful warship, very well built!!

Goddess Fantasies - beautifully created garden with some great posters!

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