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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The HangOut Club Celebrates Its 5th Year!

Club Owner Janis Short

Clubs come and go in Second Life, so for a club to still be as poplar after 5 years is a massive achievement when there is so much competiton around!  Janis Short's club, the Hangout, is as vibrant and lively as the day she opened it 5 years ago! Yes the Hangout celebrated its 5th Anniversary  tonight with a 1960s themed party and the place was buzzing. It was lovely to see all the 1960s costumes and dances, the music, as ever, was magic, pure swinging 60s tunes, drawn from owner/dj Janis's close connection to the real life music scene that she is such an expert on.  The party must have vibrated around the universe and woken up our alien friends! Halfway through the evening we had a visit from one of the Clangers, (those little alien cuties who live under dustbin lids on the moon!). It turned out to be our very own BrainPhrozen Woodsheart doing a bit of shape-shifting when we weren't looking!  Still everyone was welcome, aliens and all, and the party was one to remember!  May you have many more years of success with the Hangout Janis, thanks for a great night!

Janey Bracken


Clanger BrainPhrozen


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